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Found: One Apocalypse
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Found: One Apocalypse
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Found: One Apocalypse
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Bad Dog Books
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  224
Parental Rating:  PG-13
Publication Date:  February 2010




Synopsis:  Interplanetary rag-and-bone man Iorgi Murrett is fed up. He's about ready to pack it all in and become a shill for the Company, though it's on record that he'd rather be on fire.

Then, while searching for scrap metal, he uncovers the buried hatch to an ancient starcraft. Forced to take refuge within its armored walls, he's trapped as its defense mechanisms come online, making him the proud owner of the 500-year-old Battleship Apocalypse, a flagship in a severe state of disrepair, yet carrying a sophisticated defensive grid and bristling with experimental weapons.

Now Murrett is on the run across space in a ship held together with duct tape and hope. Joining him are a shrill and demanding princess who fancies herself a freedom fighter, a mining robot possessed by a vacuous alien, a one-armed smuggler, and an accountant who happened to answer his want-ad.

In pursuit? A team of pirates flying ice-cream vans, the Charter's mysterious and shadowy Agency, and the armies of the Eliak, who
are...well, the rightful owners, if one really wanted to be picky about it.

The Galaxy doesn't stand a chance.

About the author: 
Ben Goodridge was born in in Germany, into a young American family with long ties to Maine. Returning to the States permanently two years later, he grew up in an old farmhouse in the toolies, where his parents tried to raise him with the sophistication of education and literacy, as well as the New England common-sense ethic that ran through his family. Time will tell if they were successful.
In his youth he picked up the habit of writing, followed by an ambition to write professionally. He sent his first commercial story to Michael Kimball, a local author of some note, whose critically-acclaimed 'Firewater Pond' had brought him some attention and fortune. Kimball s approval and interest kept Ben writing for the next twenty years.
His first story was published in the University literary magazine in 1993, an earnest curiosity called Canis Lunar. In 1995, he published another story, a more literary-magazine oriented effort called The Cadillac. In 2003, after having returned to college to finish his degree with flying colors, he put a manuscript called White Crusade into circulation, which was sold to Coyote Moon Publications in 2005. Regrettably, very shortly after the book went into production, Coyote Moon Publications closed down. A short time later the manuscript was bought up by Bad Dog Books. His second novel, The Swamp-Poet , is due for release by Cross-Quarter Press, and several new books are in development for consideration by Bad Dog Books.

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Item Reviews
Was really cool
Sincerely I bought it out of curiosity and well I LOVED IT. It was funny, the characters were really attaching and really entertaining. I am so impatient to read the next one and well I CAN'T wait to see it LOL. I hadn't heard about it before but decided to get it at AC 2011, but well sincerely I have NO REGRET. I would have had a big one to never read it actually LOL GREAT WORK
Nicolas Franzetti
one fun Apocalypse found
Just finished reading Found: One Apocalypse. Already eagerly awaiting the sequel to this fantastically fun sci-fi adventure. Still have the bridge scene stuck in my head and one particular pirate ship vessel. Highly encourage a read.
Broc Scala
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A novel by Ben Goodridge
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