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Found: One Apocalypse
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Found: One Apocalypse
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Bad Dog Books
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A novel by Ben Goodridge

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Item Reviews
Was really cool
Was really cool
Sincerely I bought it out of curiosity and well I LOVED IT. It was funny, the characters were really attaching and really entertaining. I am so impatient to read the next one and well I CAN'T wait to see it LOL. I hadn't heard about it before but decided to get it at AC 2011, but well sincerely I have NO REGRET. I would have had a big one to never read it actually LOL GREAT WORK
- Nicolas Franzetti
one fun Apocalypse found
one fun Apocalypse found
Just finished reading Found: One Apocalypse. Already eagerly awaiting the sequel to this fantastically fun sci-fi adventure. Still have the bridge scene stuck in my head and one particular pirate ship vessel. Highly encourage a read.
- Broc Scala
A novel by Ben Goodridge
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