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Why Coyotes Howl
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Why Coyotes Howl
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Why Coyotes Howl
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Sofawolf Press
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.25 x 8
Pages:  214
Parental Rating:  R - language
Publication Date:  December 2004 

Synopsis:  Watts Martin, acclaimed author of the Ranea stories, has assembled a collection of fourteen gems from his notebook: stories of history and legend; war and romance; science and fantasy. The stories in this superb collection reveal Watts's vivid imagination and talent as well as his deep affection for the anthropomorphic genre. Step inside and journey to...


...the next step in evolution, on a very personal scale...    

...a curious clearing near a battlefield, site of a magical rescue...    

...first contact between humans and an exotic--and, to some, attractive--feline alien race...

...a lost tribe of the American Southwest who are more than they appear to be...    

...the land of Ranea and an intricate mystery...    

...a college campus where a pudgy raccoon dreams of being a sexy vixen...

...a twenty-first century retelling of an ancient fairy tale...    

...an old neighborhood in Florida trying to regain its youth...    

...and many more.


Sofawolf Press is proud to present Why Coyotes Howl, an anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories by Watts Martin. This 214 page book, with cover art by Heather "Kyoht" Luterman, includes the following stories (many of which are unpublished or long out of print and newly edited for their re-release): Why Coyotes Howl; Dreams are for Vixens; Seeing Things; Vertical Blanking; Daughter of Shadows; The Moon in Water; Only With Thine Eyes; Still Life, With Espresso; Going to the Dogs; The Fence; Beast; The Fox Maiden; Without Evidence; and Travelling Music.


This item is currently out of stock.
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A story collection by Watts Martin
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved