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Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold
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Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold
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Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold
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FurPlanet Productions
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Style:  Literary Work
Content:  Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  314
ISBN: 978-1-61450-036-0
Parental Rating:  R - Some adult scenes
Publication Date:  January 2012



 This is a mature content book.  Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region.


  Synopsis:  To save his family from starvation, Stannis of Barony Jazinsk makes the ultimate sacrifice: selling himself into slavery. When he's sold to an envoy from neighboring Barony Deterikh, he's thrust into the middle of a feud twenty years in the making. Rumors of dark alchemy and hints of betrayal threaten to break the fragile peace between the baronies, and Stannis' arrival at the court may be the blow that shatters it. With war drums beating on the horizon, can a lowly pleasure-slave persuade his new owner into preserving the peace?


Written by Kristina Tracer, author of Beautiful World

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Item Reviews
A Wonderful Read
When his father died over the winter just after he turned 18, the young buck Stannis was thrust into the role of provider. He quickly learned that he was not going to be able to help his widowed mother provide food and a roof for his family. Stannis came to the conclusion that in order for his family to survive and to have a future, he was going to make the ultimate sacrifice, selling himself into slavery. Yes the decision was easy, but walking through the door of the slaver's house in his village took courage that even he didn't know he had. Once he walked through the door and signed the bill of sale that would forever change his life (sending 100 gold Ducats to his family), Stannis unknowingly would become part of a major political coup-d-tat almost 6 months into his new life. The book chronicles the first 24 months (I think) of Stannis' life as a slave, as told by him. During the formative years of his new life, Stannis, goes through 3 Masters learning that they have their good and bad sides. Fortunately for Stannis, he is a quick learner and quickly learns to keep his tongue in it's place as well learning that a slave's lot in life is at the whims of their Master. Stannis' first Master, Miss Aida was a former slave herself, who was set free by her Master before he died. He was her slave for 6 months at the Blue Moon tavern before he was bought by a dandy by the name of Dion as a gift for his baron Erik after he was bedded by said dandy. After Dion bought him, he was taken to an alchemist to be molded into the perfect submissive pet and slave for the Baron of a neighboring territory. Aura, a raccoon, spends more than three weeks teaching Stannis what he will be doing for his new owner Erik all the while, she is installing code words that will help Stannis survive his new Master. During his training, Stannis is transformed into something one step above an animal. In the process, his name is hidden from his memory and he is given the new name of Taneh. After Aura has fully trained Taneh, he learns that as a by product of what was done to him, he has a nearly insatiable need for sex, a need that he is unable to sate on his own, a need that requires his Master or anyone his Master designates would have to sate. Months after being given to Erik, Taneh becomes the target of his Master's rage after his Master learned that war was on the horizon. Baron Erik came close to beating Taneh to death taking his frustrations out on his pet. Frustrations from everyone telling him what to do, when to do something, how to do things and others generally trying to run his life for him. Taneh's beating came from him trying to do what he was supposed to, comfort his Master. By the time Erik finished beating Taneh, his slave and pet was dying, and the reality of what he did to the one person he truly loved hit him with a force like no other. Once the realization that Taneh was dying from his own paws, Erik fled to the barracks to bring his closest friend Valintin to his room to save Taneh, before fleeing to his enemy to surrender. During the course of his new life, Taneh, runs into his younger brother, who unfortunately, didn't get a big enough part. I think that it would have been a good point in the book where Taneh's brother talks to him, bringing Taneh up to date with his family. This would have been a good point in the story where Taneh learns if his sacrifice he made for his family was worth it. I won't go any further than this as there is so much going on in the book and I don't want to reveal any more spoilers than I already have. I sincerely hope that Miss Tracer is writing a sequel to this book as there is so much more to be told, especially after you see what happens at the end of the book. I highly recommend that you get "Bonds of Silver, Bonds of Gold as it would make a wonderful addition to your library. You won't regret getting this book.
Frank Schlechta Jr
Not really for me.
Bonds of Silver Bonds of Gold is set in a time and place where countries are still divided into different baronies and ruled by barons. Slavery is not abolished and the secret magic of alchemy can influence people’s lives greatly. Also, humans as we know them do not exist. Instead, the people we encounter in this story are anthropomorphic animals. We follow Stannis on his journey he started by selling himself into slavery, a journey that is not without problems. This book is definitely not for the faint-hearted, as the events that take place in it are quite extreme. I had no real expectations aside from the questions that arose from reading the blurb. I personally feel that someone with sexual appetites that point in the direction of BDSM and S&M will greatly enjoy this book. People who are more vanilla will probably be shocked by the events that take place in this story. The characters in the book are really enjoyable. You’ve got those you want to love, those you want to learn more about, and those you want to punch in the face. If an author manages to make me feel this way, I know it’s a good one. I’m not quite sure if I’d pick up another book by Tracer in this genre, but others may enjoy it more than I did. – Faolan
P. Vergroesen
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an alchemy of conflict and passion from the author of Beautiful World
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved