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Order shipping is currently delayed due to our staff, and our stock, attending Midwest Furfest this weekend.

Order shipping is currently delayed due to our staff, and our stock, attending Midwest Furfest this weekend.

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Badger Box Spring 2014 - Gentlemen
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Badger Box Spring 2014 - Gentlemen
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Badger Box Spring 2014 - Gentlemen
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This is the Gentlemen's Edition, and will contain a lot of Masuline Men.


Spring is here, and that means it’s time to clean house.

Or at least, Fez the FurPlanet badger thinks so.

This week Fez got so tired of our messy and clutter filled production room, he decided to ‘help us’ solve the problem. So the badger dug around and got a whole bunch of our older books, comics, prints and CDs, and put them in boxes. He got things we don’t sell anymore, stuff that there are only a couple copies left of that were just lying around. The badger grabbed a bunch of our anthologies and books we have too many copies of, and Fez grabbed a bunch of our best sellers, like Kyell Gold’s novels, Roar and Fang, and much more! (We’re a little worried how much cool stuff he got hold of in fact.)

After he was done, Fez boxed everything up, and left them in a neat pile for us to sell. That means we now have a bunch of somewhat random and cool BadgerBoxes to sell!

So for $40, you can get one of these semi random blind boxes for yourself.

Each box contains, at least, the following items:
•    One Novel or short story Anthology
•    Three random Comics, CDs, or DVDs
•    One 2014 Calendar
•    A print pack (at least 20 adult prints)
•    A cool stemapunk folder by Myenaia!
•    And sometimes more!

Each box has at least $100 worth of merchandise inside if we sold them separately, so this is a fantastic deal.

But wait! There’s more! (I’ve always wanted to say that.)

Some of the boxes are bigger than others. BadgerBoxes are blind boxes after all, and like any good randomized collection of stuff, some have got special prizes inside.

One in five of the boxes is special, and could contain all sorts of things. A full set of Kyell Gold’s amazing novels, the entire run of Newshounds by TKDye. Another has all of Dave Hopkins’s comics. One of these babies even contains that giant Hardcover Digger Omnibus you see up in the pictures.


Answers to some questions we’re guessing people will ask:

Wait, so this is a random box of FurPlanet stuff? Really?

Yep, pretty much. Not totally random. Unless the box is a special box, they will all contain at least a few common things, such as one of our short story anthologies. But! Each box will have a different anthology inside it.

So, if I buy two BadgerBoxes, is it possible that I will get the same things?

If you buy more than one of our BadgerBoxes (and thank you if you do!), send us an email about it and we will make sure that none of the items are repeats.

What if I already own something I get in my BadgerBox?

Well, you can always give the book or comic away as a gift. If you send us an email when you place your order, with your order number in it and a short list of what you own, and we’ll try and send you stuff that will be new to you.

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A blind Box of Awesome Stuff - Masculine Men
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