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Thurston Howl Publications
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Style: Literary Work
Content: Anthology
Print: Color Cover, Text Interior
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 156
ISBN: 978-1945247224
Parental Rating: PG
Publication Date: August 2017


Synopsis: SPECIES: Wolves starts with Aesop’s Fables, works toward the Victorian werewolves, and includes new furry fiction, with authors Renee Carter Hall, John Kulp, and Billy Leigh. Watch the anthro wolf as he changes from fabular instructor to werewolf to pack singer celebrity. Follow the wolf in all his many faces. Howl on.

The Dog and the Wolf by Aesop; trans. George Flyer Townsend
Ysengrimus by Anonymous; trans. Rayah James
The White Wolf by Andrew Lang
The Gray Wolf by George MacDonald
Graffers by Kadrian Blackwolf
Glass by Slip Wolf
A Winter’s Work by Renee Carter Hall
The Winter Wolf by Kristen Hubschmid
Lone by John Kulp
Stealing the Show by Jaden Drackus
The Needle and the Departed by Weasel
Wolves That Sing by Billy Leigh
INSTINCT by Faolan


Edited by Thurston Howl

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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved