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White Crusade
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White Crusade
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Bad Dog Books
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A novel by Ben Goodridge

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Item Reviews
I have to say that Goodridge did a wonderful job on this book. He does something that I see a lot of authors just don't manage; and that's to let the characters live their life. Quite often an author tries to baby a character but Goodridge let the characters live a life and what happened to them happened. Even the main character isn't above reproach as he has to make sacrifices and mistakes as he grows throughout the book. It doesn't stop there, Goodridge somehow manages to paint a scenery that makes you feel like you were there without bogging down the story with too many details. It's a well balanced story with a great plot. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to kick back with a good book.
- Jason C. Penwell
cool and captivating
cool and captivating
really sincerely damn good i grabbed that book on the last day of Ac wondering what it really was about. and well when i started it i just been eating it fully. i had trouble to even convince myself to go to sleep because i kept wanting to know what was going to happen. the ending might have happened a little fast but the book was really cool sincerely. the characters are fun and very endearing, you get really attached to them and you feel like you are seeing them acting and reacting in your mind in the descriptions sincerely this book was a really great surprise for me and i think it's well worth the money. i kind of hope the author will come out with more titles. what was the most interesting for me in this book was the vision of nature it gives, the way we will all end up if we go on our path with technology and destroying everything. it made me worry a little but at the same time kept me on the edge the whole book until the last page.
- Nicolas Franzetti
A novel by Ben Goodridge
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