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A Single Quavering Note
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A Single Quavering Note
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FurPlanet Productions
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Novel by Andres Cyanni Halden

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One of the most moving books I have ever read
One of the most moving books I have ever read
This book is set in the same universe as Cyanni’s Hallowed Walls series. There is a lot of character crossover so for a full understanding of this book you should read Within Hallowed walls 1st. This book is set between Within Hallowed Walls and Beyond Hallowed Walls. Without giving away spoilers I have to say this book was VERY moving. Not just the main characters but the side characters too. There is a lot of struggle and conflict between the characters that make it very relatable for anyone who is gay and has a strict parents/family be it expectations for the child or the simple inability for some parents to cope with a gay son. The book has some wonderfully cute sex scenes that I really enjoyed. Everyone needs a cute foxboy and there’s nothing wrong some bigcat on bigcat action. You can really tell the love between the main characters in the sex parts of the book how much care they have for each other. Given there are 2 almost separate storylines between 2 sets of main characters this book has 2 endings. The 1st ending between the side main characters is wonderful it introduces some wonderful concepts in the world that make it thoroughly enjoyable. The 2nd ending made me really feel deeply for the main characters I will not reveal anything but it was very very moving. Like the other books this one is well worth reading however as mentioned above I highly suggest reading Within Hallowed Walls 1st.
- ShivalWolf
superb book
superb book
Andres Cyanni is an extremely talented author. Few others are able to express the wide range of emotions he can. this book will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate in an intricately woven tale. the characters are brought to life in amazing ways. I highly recommend reading this book.
- Anonymous
Novel by Andres Cyanni Halden
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved