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Waterways (Softcover)
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Waterways (Softcover)
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Sofawolf Press
Novel, Cooner, M/M, romance, otter
Kyell Gold
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A novel by Kyell Gold

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Item Reviews
A Great Read!
A Great Read!
This was my first read from Kyell Gold, and I must say, it had me hooked! The story is full of fun and unique characters, is well-paced, and it always takes twists and turns in a way you wouldn't expect! It is easy to get attached to these characters, as Kyell does a wonderful job bringing them to life. If you're into reading at all, I would definitely recommend this book; it is a must-read! I could not put it down! -KodyWulf
- Anonymous
Wow… just wow.
Wow… just wow.
When I got this book, I was thinking it would be a light hearted, steamy book, that I have a good time with, and not really take anything out of it, but I was wrong. It wasn't the "everything is okay at the end" Kind of furry book I'm used to, it was real. Which is one of the reasons I think I liked it so much. Normally I write these the instant I finish the book, because it's still fresh on my mind, and I can gather my thoughts clearer, but it took me a day to digest what I had just read. To really understand the feelings and experiences the main charter had just gone through. About half way through I started wanting to just shake Kory, and tell him what to do, but it wasn't until the end I understood he had to go through those things, to make the realization that he did, to get to the bitter sweet ending that it did. It wasn't the ending I'd hoped for, but the ending that it had fit better than the one I hoped for. I'll tell you what, I really wished this book hadn't of been smut at all. For one there were just a few short scenes(but they were amazing ), and two, this book could have helped me out so much years ago when I was just coming into homosexuality, and still figuring everything out. And I have a feeling this could have done that for a lot of gay teens. I mean even the wonderful dedication ( I think it was) made it seem like the book was aimed towards teens still trying to wade through the muck of their lives, and come into the person they were born to be. And I see now why Kyell Gold is one of the most popular authors in our small fandom, he has this grasp on the literary process that astonished me throughout the book. His characters were so rich, his places were so well described. When I close my eyes I can still see the rainbow center, and the pool that Kory and Samaki met at, as if I had been there myself. The whole book just seems to jump out and grab you, making you want to read more. There were several times I stayed up reading this until the wee hours of the night, and then picking it up first thing when I got up. Anyway I think I could go on for pages about this book, but I should wrap it up. Anyway this book easily gets a 5 out of 5. (Also if your still just a newbie, and you still have that new gay smell, this is the book for you.)
- Tyler James Grigar
A novel by Kyell Gold
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved