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Beyond Hallowed Walls
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Beyond Hallowed Walls
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FurPlanet Books
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The followup to Within Hallowed Walls

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Item Reviews
getting really into it
getting really into it
So yep after finishing the first I had to know more and grabbed the second. Once again the first pages were a bit slow but once he got the speed into it damn I kept wanting to know more. The end of that book really sent me for a loop because I wasn't expecting that, even if I admit there were some hints. I really enjoyed it and now I have to grab the third as soon as I got free time for sure hehe. Sincerely I think the series is worth it so far.
- Nicolas Franzetti
Kinda good.
Kinda good.
It is something that one can read when not doing anything else. But it is not that well structured or very well defined as descriptive detail goes. It leaves a lot for ones imagination to fill in and has at moments times in which you get a little confused as to what is happening. But in all, it is something that is good to read when you have nothing else to do an needed to be entertained.
- Anonymous
The followup to Within Hallowed Walls
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