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Common & Precious
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Common & Precious
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Sofawolf Press
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A New Tibet novel by Tim Susman

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Heartly and emotional to the bone
Heartly and emotional to the bone
I can't find enough words of praise for this novel. This one hits the sweet spot between coming-of-age and adventure books. Everything's so gently interwoven - the cold, unforgiving world, the tiny gray details of characters' struggle for life (any way they define it), and the intrinsics of the class relations. Shamil and Barda are gemstones of furry literature, one of the first truly complex characters I've encountered so far. The book's not too short, and not too long either. It's a definite read as a non-sexual coming of age novel that deals with so many subjects. A deep bow for the author, and a warmest recommendation for this little masterpiece. Oh, and by the way, I bought the e-book version, so I couldn't enjoy the back cover illustration in all it's glory, but nevertheless. There's one small quirk, though: the Kindle edition didn't have defined chapters, so I manually made bookmarks for each one.
- Anonymous
A gem that brings back the excitement in reading.
A gem that brings back the excitement in reading.
I just finished reading "Common and Precious", and I can't help but think, why did it take me so long to buy this book? The novel was an excellent read and it's the first time in a long while that I was actually eager to go to bed just so I could lose myself in another chapter. "Common and Precious" is the story of Melinda, the daughter of the very wealth corporate boss, Tiger Barda. Barda owns one of the largest enterprises on the ice planet of New Tibet, TeraMine. But when Melinda is kidnapped by a small band of New Tibet's common folk, the rich heiress is thrust into the poverty stricken world that resides outside her father's luxury apartment, and she starts to see things from a completely different perspective. From the dirty streets and factories, to a run down hospital, and even a ghost town blanketed by radiation, Melinda gets a glimpse of how the common people live and die, and she also uncovers startling revelations about her own life. And things only get more complicated when the ever violent Shivers get involved (New Tibet's version of the mob), and Tiger Barda is forced to do everything he can to get his daughter back, no matter what the cost. What really made "Common and Precious" a joy for me was the memorable cast of characters. There's Cab, the witty and stylishly verbose transport driver, Jac, the hard edged, mysterious bodyguard, and the ever so eerie Night and Bright, the strong armed, stone cold henchmen employed by the Shivers. Tim has created intriguing characters that breath life into the harsh world of New Tibet and you start to care for them deeply; even ones that, at times, you feel like you shouldn't like Tiger Barda and Melinda's kidnappers. He constantly blurs the line between good and bad, which will keep you turning the pages all the way to the stunning conclusion, and I didn't want the story to end. I really, really hope Tim writes another novel, because "Common and Precious" is an intense, action packed story that will warm your heart with its amazing characters and powerful message. The book also has beautiful interior artwork by Sara Palmer. So, if you buy a novel this year, make sure you don't pass up on this gem. You won't be disappointed.
- Sean Silva
One of the best furry books you will ever read
One of the best furry books you will ever read
With its interesting characters, intriguing world, and excellent story, "Common and Precious" is a must-buy for anyone looking for good furry fiction, clean furry fiction, or just excellent science fiction.
- Michael Andrew Rudder
A New Tibet novel by Tim Susman
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved