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Smiley and the Hero
Item Details
Item Name:
Smiley and the Hero
Item #:
FurPlanet Productions
Novel, Cooner
Ryan Campbell
Average Rating:

One small rabbit must stop the most ruthless gangster in town...

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Item Reviews
Tight, Smart, Heartwarming
Tight, Smart, Heartwarming
Ryan Campbell's first showing does not suffer firstbookitis, instead coming out strong. As the modern retelling of a classic fairytale with a new, toothsome face, it's solid, hitting every point it should, with a more reasonable ending and believable characters all the way through. There's some actual suspense and definite tension, which is not often seen in fandom writing. Smiley doesn't disappoint; it will satisfy, and leave you waiting for Campbell's next book.
- Jonathan Hixson
A Great Book
A Great Book
Ryan Campbell has certainly shown himself to be a very talented writer with this book. I loved reading it and I'll probably read it again. It is a great story. Well paced, good dialog and some excellent scenes. The ending was excellently done. This is a fully realized and excellent novel. I personally found some of the scenes very violent and that gave me some difficulty reading it. Still overall that complaint is minor. The violence isn't gratuitous. It all moves the plot forward to the thrilling conclusion. The snappy well paced plot, with distinct Brother's Grimm style story telling elements was excellent. The interior illustrations are really nice as well and the book is professionally made. You will not be sorry getting this book. If FurPlanet keeps putting books out of this quality for 2011 then they will have to be lauded for adding some excellent works for furry reading pleasure.
- Daniel Fahl
One small rabbit must stop the most ruthless gangster in town...
Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved