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Freedom City
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Freedom City
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FurPlanet Productions
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Escape To Freedom City!

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Very good book, highly recommended
Very good book, highly recommended
This book was a remarkably good read. I picked it up at Anthrocon 2013, and I literally couldn't put it down after I picked it up. I finished it before I got back home, it was that good, and I can't believe that I didn't pick it up when I first saw it. Anyone out there that hasn't picked it up already, pick it up NOW. As for the plot of the story, it's pretty good. There's a mix of sci-fi and modern stuff to it, and it's an interesting way to introduce furries into the world. Genetic Engineering, or Gengineering as the book calls it (one of the few wince points for me, but that's just personal stuff) has brought furries into the world, and they mostly live in this place called Freedom City, a section of floating platforms out in the Caribbean. From what I can tell, there's a sort of highly republican bent to the politics here, and how the place is set up. Not BAD, but definitely something that's there. A little idealized, but overall, nothing that takes away from the book. Anyway, the main character, a rabbit by the name of Harvey Foote, is rather interesting. There's less exposition for this than you might expect, but it still conveys all the information you need. Harvey himself gets a little bit idealized, a little bit invulnerable, though not to mary sue levels, thank heavens. His wife, the other rabbits, Felix of the Cat House; all the different characters come together with him to be remarkably fun to read about. The city itself is well designed, and I found myself wanting to read more about the story, not just for the characters and plot, but to explore more of Freedom City too. In short. Buy this book. Buy the sequel. And give the author kudos for putting together something that was VERY fun to read.
- Spencer Timm
Escape To Freedom City!
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