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Green Fairy (Dangerous Spirits #1)
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Green Fairy (Dangerous Spirits #1)
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Sofawolf Press
Kyell Gold, Rukis (illustrator)
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Moulin Rouge

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Item Reviews
A good start
A good start
This was the first furry novel I have ever read, it was well written and edited. The story line was dramatic and was built rather well. Though part of me could figure out the end of the book before it happened. Its basis on bullying and school relationships is simple, but not under played, it's there and fits well with the plot, being that that it's about a gay male living in a homophobic town. The supernatural element was an interesting touch and the very concept takes me back to the movie, "Moulin Rouge", with the elements of the green fairy aiding a writer. (Even though it's just a tiny bit of the movie) Towards the end of the novel, the action scenes as they build, kept my on the edge of my seat. The book unlike most captured my attention and forced me to read a page, then another, and another. The book though small, is a good starting novel for people looking for proper furry literary fiction.
- Jacob Ryan
Moulin Rouge
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved