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Red Lantern: The Crimson Divine
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Red Lantern: The Crimson Divine
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Sofawolf Press
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Full color comic by Rukis and Alector Fencer!

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Item Reviews
This is the first time in a long time that I have felt legitimately interested in the characters! Initially I began reading this on line, expecting little more than a well drawn smut tale; but when I got 40 pages in without encountering any X rated content and having forgotten that's what I came for, I was sold! Without hesitation, this became the first furry comic I bought, and I do not regret that decision at all! I have even shown this to a handfull of my non-furr friends, and they were floored by the loving attention to detail in the pages and were floored by the emotion in a story coming from a culture they thought nothing but fanfics and smut. The only criticism I can give: volume 2 can't come out fast enough.
- Anonymous
Full color comic by Rukis and Alector Fencer!
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