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Great book.
Great book.
A great book that draws you in with it’s strong opening and leaves you pretty awestruck by the end. The journey that the main character Loy takes and the uniqueness of the reptilian-like Kesvek race are the biggest reasons to read this novel.
- Stephen Cross
Brilliantly Conceived
Brilliantly Conceived
Masterfully written Huvek is a triumph. James L Steele has done an Incredible job with this book bridging furry and sci-fi into an amazing and insightful book. I look forward to your next book. Congratulations you hit the nail on the head with this must read work of art. Bravo Big Wolf (AKA) Brian LaForge
- Brian LaForge
huvek Is a must read.
huvek Is a must read.
The book Huvek is compelling intriguing vivid and imaginative. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. I fell in love with the important characters and understood the emotions that were being shared throughout the whole reading experience.though normally I do not like so much adult content in the book, it enhanced this book for reading pleasure... I could not have enjoyed it more and am wondering if the author is thinking of a sequel.
- Zon C Green
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved