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FurPlanet Productions
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Macro novella by Arilin Thorferra

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A Masterful Tale for Macro and Non-Macro Fans
A Masterful Tale for Macro and Non-Macro Fans
As a fan of Arilin Thorferra's past work—making it almost hard for me to believe that it took me this long to get to this tale—I'd be lying if I said I didn't already have some expectations. Well, after the closing page, I can safely and proudly say that not only did "Goddess" exceed expectations and showcase Arilin's already impressive resume, but it should be labeled as a perfect example on how macrophile storytellers have more to their craft than just what others may expect as only fetish material. Thoughts, feelings, drama, love, humor, law, and other more dangerous elements all lie in wait for Russell Rittenhouse. The journey from beginning to end can really tug at your heart and other types of strings. But the feeling to succeed is present all throughout. Without revealing too much of what's already been said, I'll just conclude that, while labeled as a "macro" tale (and, oh yes, there certainly is content that fits that genre), in reality, it's a tale for any 18+ furry to enjoy. I would like to give a thank you to Ms. Thorferra for another beautifully crafted story, and give a huge special thank you to FurPlanet for giving the macrophile fandom a chance to prove our worth. Hopefully this can be the start of more occurrences.
- Bryan Osborne
An Exotic Affair
An Exotic Affair
From the moments when everything goes right to the dives when everything goes wrong, this novella held me in its story with quite the firm grip. 6 hours spent in reading that I would gladly (and definitely will) do again, I heavily recommend this story to any reader of furry literature, be they a macrophile or even just half-curious about our tastes. It stands on its own as a well researched, altered-history ride through California and the Pacific Islands, light on action and intimacy but with plenty to keep your heart pumping, and the pages turning. Ms Thorferra proves she is a master of the macrophile genre with this historically set romance.
- Seti Owens
Macro novella by Arilin Thorferra
Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved