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Tidal Wave
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Tidal Wave
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FurPlanet Productions
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24 page M/F comic by Demicoeur

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Item Reviews
A Short but Satisfying Comic
A Short but Satisfying Comic
This comic is really that everyone should have! The story between Shuki and Dexter is a relatable one. Friends that we get along with for so long often lead us to develop romantic feelings. The art style is OUTSTANDING. Its very clear that the artist puts a lot of care into each page to make sure consistency is there The two main characters Shuki and Dexter are presented and developed well. Following a plot that's easy to understand, easy to follow, and definitely doesn't disappoint with the hotness ;3 Since this is a shorter comic, the yiffing pages are important. The build up is done well and follows the plot. The actual yiff pages are so pleasing to look at and do well with characterization. Dialogue is spot on as well. All according to character and no typos to be seen :3. The only downside I see is the shortness of the comic. It definitely sequel baits you for what comes next for this couple. The artist's confidence is well-founded however, as this is a great story with a couple who you don't want to miss. For now, I need to grab my sunscreen X3
- Austin Frye
24 page M/F comic by Demicoeur
Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved