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The Complete Dragonsbane Saga
Item Details
The Complete Dragonsbane Saga
Item Name:
The Complete Dragonsbane Saga
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Thurston Howl Publications
dragon, cheese, fantasy
Ian Madison Keller
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Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5.5 x 8.5
Pages:  600
Parental Rating: 
Publication Date:  April 2020




Description: Collected here for the first time, the entire saga of Sybil Dragonsbane, Riastel, and their adventures in the realm of Thima. Including the short “The Dragon of Volcano Island” (originally appearing in Arcana: A Tarot Anthology) and the novels The Dragon Tax, Dragons Ahoy, Dragon Fried Cheese, and Silence of the Dragon. Complete with new interior illustrations and appearing here is an all new, never-before-published story exclusive to this collection.


The Dragon Tax

Hear ye, Hear ye! King decrees dragons must pay taxes!


The last thing a dragon-slayer extraordinaire expects is to be hired to collect taxes from dragons rather than to slay them. Sybil has misgivings, but gold is gold.

What should have been a simple battle with a dragon turns into a desperate flight that lands her in the center of a kingdom-wide conspiracy – and saddled with the most unlikely ally. He’s arrogant, entitled, and utterly defenseless because of a curse, yet she can’t just leave him at the mercy of the villains.

Now they’re on the run as they race against time to untangle the truth before the enemy catches up. And to make matters worse… Sybil just may be falling in love.

Dragons Ahoy

Sybil the dragon-slayer isn’t sure she wants to be “curse-breaker” too. Riastel- the exasperating, socially inept subject of the curse- isn’t quite as appealing now that they’re penniless and surviving depends on her alone. By the time they end up incognito in a seedy port, the impromptu partnership is barely holding together.

Then Riastel is kidnapped by pirates who demand a ransom for his return and Sybil wavers, unsure if she’s ready for another rescue. But another dragon terrorizing the port from the shadows may drive them back together in spite of her misgivings… and her feelings.

Dragon Fried Cheese

A cheese festival turns deadly when professional dragon-slayer, Sybil Dragonsbane, is framed for murder. Now it’s up to the former dragon Riastel to prove her innocence. To make matters worse, Sybil’s old flame is in town and he’s not here for a social call.

Will Riastel find the real killer before it’s too late? And, more importantly, will we finally get the answer to that age old question: are dragons lactose intolerant?

Silence of the Dragon

Sybil wants nothing more to do with helping—or dating—a dragon, even a former one. But when her plan to distract Riastel ends with him magically silenced and the bracelet containing his dragon self stolen, Sybil’s guilt leads her to stay, at least until she can fix the mess she made.

To get the bracelet back, the pair must travel deep into the mountains on a journey fraught with peril, slimes, hostile dragons, and annoying unicorns. As the danger mounts, Riastel faces a tough choice between his dragon self and Sybil’s love. Is getting back one worth losing the other?


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