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Beyond the Western Deep Book 2
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Beyond the Western Deep Book 2
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Beyond the Western Deep Book 2
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Alex Kain (Author), Rachel Bennett (Artist)
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Style: Hardcover graphic novel
Content:  Graphic Stories, Comics, and Literature
Print: Color Cover, Color Interior
Size: 7.8" by 7.9"
Pages: 124
ISBN: 978-1-936561-59-9
Parental Rating: G (ages 9-12)
Publication Date: October 2020



Synopsis: In Volume One, we established a world on the brink of war, and the fated characters poised to impact it on both sides of the potential conflict.


As before, the story is told across two very different perspectives:


The Ambassadors: Three diplomats from the peaceful kingdom of Sunsgrove venture through the forests of the Western Deep in a bid to quell the growing powder keg of unrest in their neighboring kingdom. If the north goes to war, so too does the world.


The Sratha-din: Led by Hardin, a ruthless warlord hailing from the bitter Northern Wastes. The Sratha-din is a tribe of like-minded warriors dedicated to preserving their culture in the face of systematic oppression by their southern neighbors.


In this volume, their stories collide in the most unexpected ways, sending the world spiraling into conflict that will no doubt be felt far beyond the Western Deep…


At 124 pages in length, Volume Two includes the second chapter of the Western Deep story, an extras section with concept art and in-universe commentary, and a guest art section featuring the work of Lackadaisy Cats creator Tracy Butler, Redwall artist and Bolivar creator Sean Rubin, Western Deep guest artist and and Magic of Anaria creator Leah Briere, and Tank Girl colorist Ned Ivory.

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