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Rightful Salvage
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Rightful Salvage
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Rightful Salvage
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Goal Publications
android, bears, science fiction
Francis Pauli
$10.00  $5.00
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Print:  Color Cover, Text Interior
Size:  5 x 8
Pages:  82
Parental Rating:  PG
Publication Date:  October 2020


Description: This title was the recipient of a 2020 Coyotl Award and 2020 Leo Literary Award for "Best Novella".

A strange ship lands on Paris V, ten years after the plague world has been abandoned by all except one left behind General Labor android unit. All GL wants is to be free, but when the crew of the Sleuthstar discovers her stowed away on board, she's confronted by a trio of suspicious ursines and a very uncertain future.

Can GL convince them to let her earn her passage? Can she find her place among the Sleuthstar's crew? At this point, she'd settle for not being thrown out of the airlock.


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An android stows away on a spaceship of junk-collector bears in order to escape a plague world
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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved