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Dog's Days of Summer
Item Details
Dog's Days of Summer
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Dog's Days of Summer
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Sofawolf Press
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Style:  Comic
Content:  Graphic Novel
Print:  Color Cover, Color Interior
Size:  8.375 x 10.875
Pages:  82
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - Graphic sexual situations, language
Publication Date:  June 2008 

 This is a mature content book.  Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region.


Synopsis: Diego the dingo spends the better part of his days in the company of his local friends, trolling the popular Bendigo Beach for tourists and one-night-stands. However, with the near limitless possibilities before him and the sudden reappearance of his ex-boyfriend, Diego finds himself struggling to make up his mind and sort through his conflicting feelings. Is he happy to remain a footloose beach bum with a voracious sexual appetite, or can he throw away his lifestyle and reputation for an old flame?


The Dog’s Days of Summer was originally an online webcomic, with each week’s segment determined by readers’ votes. The first half of the story developed as readers directed the main character’s actions through a weekly multiple-choice poll. Diego evolved with each new installment and grew to be an easy-going yet indecisive guy, his personality sculpted and shaped by many hands.

However, in this conclusion of the online comic, one decision remains that Diego must decide on his own, and he’ll need to be ready to accept the sacrifice.


Blotch is a leopard of an age sufficient to hold a pen, yet possessing over 14 years of experience in art. As this is far greater than the life expectancy of an average leopard, he must be doing something right. His name was given by cruel parents who made it apparent he was an accident.

Alternatively, Blotch is the unified leopard form of two artists: Kenket (Tess Garman) and BlackTeagan (Teagan Gavet). Kenket has a Bachelor’s degree in Natural History and Scientific Illustration, and BlackTeagan is an animator with specialization in character concept and design. One day while jointly whipping together some apology artwork to make up for letting a friend’s dog eat the sofa, they discovered that they worked very well together. The next week, Blotch was born, immediately taking on a life of his own and dragging his poor unsuspecting handlers along for the ride.

For more dodgy artwork check out www.screwbald.com

For less dodgy artwork check out www.blotchinc.com


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Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved