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Jack Salem: The Mule
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Jack Salem: The Mule
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Jack Salem: The Mule
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FurPlanet Productions
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Style:  Comic
Content:  Graphic Comic Based Series
Print:  Color Cover, black and white interior 
Size:  6.75 x 10.50
Pages:  36
Parental Rating:  NC-17 - mature content, graphic sexual situations or extreme violence
Publication Date:  January 2012




Description:   The City of Ice is a harsh place, a barren planet with no laws, only criminals. Jack Salem is a harsh person, and wouldn't follow those laws anyway, but when offered the right incentives, he can be a powerful tool.

But getting a hippopotamus across the barren wasteland of the city without being killed by all the hungry crazies between Jack and where he needs to go? That may be too much to ask.


Art and Story by Roz Gibson


This is a mature content book.  Please ensure that you are of legal age to purchase this material in your state or region.

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Jack Salem
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