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New Fables: Summer 2009
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New Fables: Summer 2009
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Sofawolf Press
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Edited by Tim Susman

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Item Reviews
I love this literary journal.
I love this literary journal.
I must say that once again, I was very, very pleased with the overall quality of Sofawolf’s third edition in the “New Fables” line. As always, the stories featured in this collection were intriguing, entertaining, and well written, yet two pieces were definitely the most memorable of the group. The first being “Into the Greenwood”, a magical and quite sensual tale about a doe whose desire for a mate plays a role in how the seasons change in the forest, and “How 'Bout Them Dawgs”, a story written from the perspective of a pitbull who’s having to adjust to his new life after being freed from a dog fighting ring. These two stories alone can carry the book, but the other pieces in this collection are definitely worth a read for any fan of anthropomorphic fiction.
- Anonymous
Edited by Tim Susman
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