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Dark Horse Comics
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98 full colour pages by Bryan Talbot, furry, steampunk, detective thriller.

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Item Reviews
Heavy on the action and very satisfying
Heavy on the action and very satisfying
Though the plot may be a bit cliche, the characters and artwork are well worth the price. A definite must-buy for fans of Sherlock Holmes, furry comics, and action!
- Michael Andrew Rudder
Hmm how do I sum up Grandville in a short review? Well I’d have to start out by saying it was just a fantastic read, good rich characters (even the supporting roles), a nice interesting story line, and some beautiful art. Though it did remind me a bit of the modern times, the whole ground zero bit, and the “British anarchists” reminded me a lot of the two years that followed the September 11th attacks. I only had two problems with it, for one there were areas that the British English was a bit thick, like the part where we first see Lebrock for the first time; I was having a hard time making out what they were saying, even considering I have family from those parts. It would have been so nice to have a ledger of translations somewhere in the book. And for the second thing, it’s not so much bad as it was a mood killer. For those of you that haven’t seen fantastic mister fox, there’re parts in that (awful but funny) movie, where they do extreme close ups on the characters faces, often showing a blank look, or crazy eyes. And in Grandville there are parts where they do it to add suspense, but sadly there characters look a lot like the ones from the movie, so every time they did this, I would chuckle, and it would break the suspenseful mood. In any rate I would give Grandville a 4 and a half out of 5 stars, it would have gotten six, but there were times in the book that the facial exasperations didn’t match the mood, and it should have been a little longer then it was in my opinion. I bought it not thinking it wouldn’t be worth the 20 bucks, but I’m happy to say I was wrong. So be sure to pick this book up, it’s a great addition to any collection.
- Anonymous
98 full colour pages by Bryan Talbot, 
furry, steampunk, detective thriller.
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