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Bridges (Second Edition)
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Bridges (Second Edition)
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FurPlanet Productions
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Novella by Kyell Gold, adults only. Gay Romantica

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Very nice and worth reading three times!
Very nice and worth reading three times!
Even though the first three chapters are the same events told from different perspectives, this novella remains fresh and contains more than enough sex and emotion to satisfy readers looking for either.
- Michael Andrew Rudder
Overall, I felt the book was really well written. Kyell has a really good time getting the reader into the setting he's creating. Kyell's descriptions of the surroundings almost makes the reader feel as if they are standing right next to the main character. Speaking of descriptions, I think it's obvious to anyone who's read his other works, Kyell is very good at describing sex. This story is much in the same vein. His descriptions of sex are very vivid and very well done.
- Brian Williams
Kyell Gold does it again
Kyell Gold does it again
Once again, Kyell Gold has written a book that exceeded all expectations. The story was well written and well thought out. Over all, I would suggest this book to anyone who loves mushy tails of love. Gold tied the characters together nicely in a round-about way that kept to the title, "Bridges."
- Jason Scherr
Sexy Rashomon
Sexy Rashomon
The premise of the book - five chapters, five character perspectives - is nice and the book holds together well. The second and third chapters are mostly too repetitive - but I feel the book really takes off in the third chapter once the threesome is over. Chapters four and five are very moving, and make up for the repetitiveness earlier. Each character is developed well enough to be interesting, and demonstrate how it can be done. Worth the price of admission.
- Jonathan Hixson
Novella by Kyell Gold, adults only.  Gay Romantica
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