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Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny (Book 1)
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Sixes Wild: Manifest Destiny (Book 1)
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FurPlanet Productions
Tempe O'Kun
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A straight, Western, crossdressing romance!

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Item Reviews
Definitely not bad.
Definitely not bad.
When I came across this book online, I was quite unsure if I should buy or not. After all, western isn’t really my genre of choice. After coming across it several times while browsing for new literature, I finally picked it up. When a book catches my attention several times, and makes me doubt every time, I end up taking the leap and getting it. It’s just how I work. Tempe O’kun positively surprised me by writing a western story I actually liked. The characters are funny and well-written. I especially enjoyed the strong main character, Six, who dresses like a man, talks like a man, and acts like a man, to the surprise of those around her. The way that O’kun ties in the occult with western is also a very unexpected element in this book, and one I happily welcomed. The scenes are well-written and thoroughly thought out. O’kun has definitely done a fair share of research on this particular period of time. The sex scenes are interesting to read and the author has definitely been creative coming up with ways a flying fox and a hare can enjoy each other to the full extent of their bodies. This book only had a few things in it that I did not like. For one, the scene in which Hayes went on one of the (apparently regular) hunting trips with Mei Xiu, to enjoy his more feral needs, was one that adds nothing to the story, and could’ve been left out in my opinion. The ending really bothers me as well, as I am generally not a fan of a book with an open ending. It’s like the ending tries to hint to a second book, while there really isn’t that much left of the story to tie a second story to. Overall, I really liked the book and the story, and I’d definitely recommend it to others. It’s just a shame that the ending left me hanging. – Faolan
- P. Vergroesen
A straight, Western, crossdressing romance!
Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved


Copyright © FurPlanet Productions, All Rights Reserved